February Club Meeting: Mountain Landscape Workshop Part 1

February 26, 2018 @ 7:00 pm – 9:00 pm
St Mary's Woods
1257 Marywood Ln
Richmond, VA 23229

Our February 26 meeting will be part 1 of 2., Feb. 26 Regular Meeting Stone Mountain Saikei Planting Workshop Part 1 with Jim Ford

In this first workshop, Jim will demonstrate and assist participants to select and cleave stone pieces for their conglomerate grouping, bond their stone groups with glue, clamps, tape, and shrink wrap. Cardboard templates will be made to assure that the stone groupings stay together and will fit the selected containers. Most materials will be provided, but member should bring wood clamps if available.

Everyone is invited to attend, but only registered members will get the workshop materials. The fee for both parts of the workshop is $35. Members must register in advance via our website or contact Thomas at info@richmondbonsaisociety.org. All are welcome to attend. However, only registered paid members will participate in the actual workshop. The workshop fee is $35 and you can register HERE! Please bring printed or screen shot copy of registration receipt to the workshop. The 3rd and final part will be Saturday, March 3, 1 pm. See our event page for more details.

landscape workshop

In this part of the workshop  participates will:
Cleave and select, stone pieces for their conglomerate grouping.  Stone hammers, gloves and protective eye ware will be provided.   (There will be plenty of stone on the floor for the picking)
Bond their stone groups with glue, clamps, tape, and shrink wrap.  Cardboard templates will be made to assure that the stone groupings stay together and will fit the selected containers
The following is provided: Stone of various hardness and colors, hammers, gloves and eye protection, glue, cardbord for templates/ pattern, tape, shrink wrap, string, paper towels, cleaning supplies etc., and some wood clamps will be available but if you have your own clamps, please bring them. 
There will be samples of the workshop plant materials to examine only.  3-7 year old Kingsville Boxwood and two 1-2 year old rooted cuttings.   The individual primary plant material, will be distributed at the following part of this workshop. DATE TBD.