Special Meeting: Mountain Landscape Workshop Part 2

March 3, 2018 @ 1:00 pm – 4:00 pm
St, Mary's Woods
1257 Marywood Ln
Richmond, VA 23229

Feb./March Landscape Workshop Part 3. Saturday, March 3, 1 pm

This is the 3rd and final part of this workshop. All members are invited to attend, but only members who registered and participated in the previous parts will actually complete the workshop.

This 2 workshop will include stone conglomerate, plant prep, and planting. 
Participants are encouraged to bring their own tools to this workshop. Minimum tools required are small bonsai shears or scissors, wire tools cutter and jin tool (needle nose pliers), chopstick (provided),  a table spoon. If you don’t have tools, tools will be available to borrow. 
In this workshop participants will: prep their pots and attach the stone arrangements to their pots, prep their selected plants and plant them in *pots provided, landscape their Saikei and cover the soil surface with the sphagnum moss provided and water in.
The following is provided for this workshop: one, 3-7 year old Kingsville Boxwood Compacta, two-three, 1-2 year old Kingsville Boxwood Compacta , +pots (hard composite Bonsai trays, selected & drilled for this workshop), chop sticks, soil with added organic compost, wire 1.5, for attaching stone and trees to the pot, spray bottles, sphagnum moss. Participants may bring their own live green moss. Additional trees will be available for purchase by workshop participants. 
*POTS…If you wish to bring a ceramic pot at this stage, please make sure your stone conglomerate arrangement will fit it.