RESCHEDULED: Ongoing 2019 Bonsai Basics Class

April 29, 2019 @ 6:15 pm – 7:00 pm
St. Mary's Woods Retirement Center
1257 Marywood Ln
VA 23229

This event is being rescheduled by David B. Please contact him directly for details or email us at


Ongoing 2019 Bonsai Basics Class

RBS is offering a new Bonsai Basics class to members using junipers in winter/spring 2019. For those that want to expand their bonsai skills or refresh their skills, this is the class for you. The class will be taught by Dave Barker and will be comprised of three monthly sessions covering the basics of styling a tree, cleaning a tree, use of bonsai tools, pruning, wiring, soil, pots, repotting, and bonsai horticulture.

The class will run 40 minutes, from 6:15 to 6:55, composed of 20 minutes of lecture/discussion and 20 minutes of practical application – working on your tree. The first session will expose the nebari, find the front of the tree, and do basic cleaning of the tree. The second session will involve pruning the tree to shape and style, and wiring the trunk and main branches in place. In the third session, the tree will be root pruned, wired securely in a pot and finished. In addition, basic care to keep the bonsai healthy and growing will be discussed.

The cost of the basics class is for materials: $25 for a 1 gallon juniper, pot, and scissors; $10 for scissors only; and free to members supplying their own juniper and scissors. Wire, pot, and bonsai soil will be provided. The class is limited to 15 members, with 7 slots remaining after signups at the January meeting. All members can be silent observers. To secure your place in the class, email Dave Barker at or come at 6 pm to the February meeting if spots remain. Payment can be made via paypal anytime or by cash or check at the February class.

RBS is also planning a summer class in June, July, and August as well using a tropical tree (ficus or serissa). More information on the summer bonsai basics class will be in a future newsletter.