February 2017 RBS Newsletter

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February 2017 Newsletter

Richmond Bonsai Society 2016 – 2018 Officers
President: Ron Edwards  Vice President: Jon Warkentin Treasurer: Jack Frye  Secretary: Thomas Sones
Board Members At Large: Betty Lou Lagis

Regular Meetings, unless otherwise noted, are held the 4th Monday of every month at 7 pm in the Community Room at St. Mary’s Woods, 1257 Marywood Ln., Richmond VA, 23229.

Contact us at info@richmondbonsaisociety.org  or visit us at www.richmondbonsaisociety.org or on Facebook.

Bonsai information, common questions and answers, monthly growing advice, and bonsai links can be found here.

RBS 2017 dues are $25 per person or $30 per family, which includes PBA membership. Checks should be made out to RBS and can be paid at a meeting or mailed to our treasurer (email us for address).

In this issue…

RBS Officers

Richmond Bonsai Society 2016-2018 Officers and Board of Directors:

President Ron Edwards
Vice-President John Warkentin
Treasurer Jack Frye
Secretary Thomas Sones
Past-President Randi Heise
Board Member at Large Betty Lou Lages

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Secretary’s Message by Thomas Sones

It’s still winter. Despite the weather, it is still winter. We all have the itch, but patience has its virtures. If you repot too soon, freezing temperatures may do too much damage to roots you may prune. If you do repot, you will need to protect those roots if there is a cold snap. However, now is a great time to start collecting. In particular, I am looking to collect Virginia Pines, Red Maples, and native birches. If you know any good place I can collect these, let me know. If you would like to discuss collecting opportunities more, feel free to use our Face Book page for that.

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Calendar of Bonsai Events:
Richmond Bonsai Society Events
Feb. 27          RBS Regular Meeting- Pines with Julian Adams (Part 2)
March 11      RBS   Beginner Workshop
March 27      RBS   Regular Meeting Forest planting on slab or tray
April 24        RBS Regular Meeting with Bob Mahler
May 21          RBS Annual Picnic and Auction
Other Organizations:
Now – Oct. 1    Exhibit: The Bonsai Saga: How 53 Japanese Bonsai Came to America, National Arboretum, D.C.
Feb. 26            PVSG Regular Meeting
Mar. 5-May 7     Viewing Stones Exhibit: Legacy of Japanese Suiseki in North America, National Arboretum, D.C.
Mar. 11-12     NVBS Workshops with John Kirby
March 14       PBS Regular meeting (repotting deciduous and or forest planting on slab)
April 2            PVSG Regular Meeting
April 7-9        Mid-Atlantic Bonsai Festival
April 8- 9       NVBS Spring Show
April 11         PBS Regular meeting (repotting conifers)
April    15       PBS Exhibition at Anderson’s
May     9          PBS Regular meeting (Trees from dig should be budding out)
May 12-14      PBA Sring Bonsai Festival and World Bonsai Day Celebration, National Arboretum, D.C.
May 25-28     Brussel’s Rendezvous
May 27– June 4      Exhibit:  Satsuki Azalea Bonsai, National Arboretum, D.C.
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Recent Activity Reports

ererererJanuary Meeting with Julian Adams 

We had a great January meeting with Julian as he taught us all about growing pines as bonsai. There is so much to learn, he is coming back in February for Part 2.





16864354_1361544193868493_9182241272151391237_nPresentation at Great Big Green House

Jack and a few other members did a presentation at the Great Big Green House for a nice crowd of curious gardeners on Saturday, February 11th. We hope to see many of them again soon.


Upcoming Event Details

February Meeting- Pines with Julian Adams (Part 2) -Monday, January 27, 7 p.m., St. Mary’s Woods. We welcome back our friend, Julian Adams, who finish off his in-depth lecture about pine tree bonsai. This month he will focis on the Japanese Black Pine and how it is different from other vatieties. As always, if you have questions or need advice, feel free to come a few minutes early.

Beginner’s Bonsai Workshop, Saturday, March 11, Great Big Green House.   We are planning for 30 participants again this year and will need RBS members to volunteer and help at the event.  RBS members can sign up to help at the February meeting.  GBGH has ordered 48 Procumbens nana junipers so there will be plenty to choose from that day. Please help us by sharing the email and Facebook event about the workshop with anyone that may be interested. Sign up  to participate in the workshop at www.richmondbonsaisociety.org .

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Article: Bonsai Road Trip, Part 2    Thomas Sones

20160714_105535Last month, in the first part of my deep-south summer bonsai road trip report, I talked about my visit to Guy Guidry’s shop in New Orleans and to Brussel’s Bonsai in Memphis. Maybe starting in Memphis wasn’t a great idea. I still had a few days on the road and multiple stops to make, and I had already spent several hundred dollars on plants, pots, and stones (I will come back to the stones in the third part next month). It was peak summer and you can’t leave plants in the car for long. Imagine trying to explain to housekeeping why there are two large trees in your hotel room. TIP: pack some heavy duty extra-large plastic bags for slipping plants and stones into to protect your car and hold moisture into soil and pots.

Now, on to Atlanta. My first stop was at the Monastery of the Holy Spirit Nursery and Bonsai Center. About a half hour from the belt loop in Conyers, Atlanta, is beautiful functioning monastery open to the public. The Garden Center is open Monday through Saturdays, 10:00-5:00 pm. They have a small, but beautiful bonsai garden with about 15 large, old, specimen pieces, much like you would see at the National Arboretum. The collection was curated by Rodney Clemmons.

20160714_105600 20160714_105629 20160714_105657


At the Monastery garden shop they had a large selection of bonsai and pre-bonsai stock plants available for purchase. Some of the bonsai pieces were very nice, but expensive. I would say the bonsai specimen quality was better than we might see at local nurseries, but at similarly reasonable prices. The pre-bonsai nursery stock was nice, but nothing extraordinary.

20160714_101111 20160714_100636 20160714_100606

The BIG FIND at the Monastery was the pots. They have a large store stocked floor to ceiling with pots, mostly Chinese, but all shapes and sizes, and priced exceptionally well. In addition, they carry some more unique Japanese, Korean, and American pots. While more expensive than the Chinese pots, the they were reasonably priced. In particular, I was able to find the elusive rectangle pots in a particular size for which I had been looking for several years now (16x6x1 glazed and un-glazed).  There were also suibans, soils, tools, mud-men and figurines, and all kind of accessories. Compared to Brussel’s, the Monastery’s designed bonsai were not as amazing, but much cheaper, while the nursery stock was less impressive.

20160714_101554 20160714_101630 20160714_104415

Definitely worth the visit! I ended up purchasing two boxes of pots and a handful of mud-men and figurines, but no plants. I spent about 2 hours at the garden center and about 30 minutes at the religious book store, so with the travel time, it was a nice morning trip. Bring a picnic and enjoy.

My next stop north of Atlanta was Mike Redgrave at Full Moon Bonsai. Mike mostly does local classes and workshops and client work, but had a small collection of specimens and pre-bonsai stock available at his home. It is not a retail location, so don’t expect that. Mike is a nice guy with some nice trees, but nothing special enough to purchase on this trip. If you have time and can arrange a visit, do so, but don’t sweat it.

20160715_080008 20160715_080334 20160715_080514


So, for the next instillation of my road trip, there’s one more big stop in Atlanta, and then on to the Bonsai Learning Center in North Carolina.

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Other Announcements and information

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For sale:

Mixed BonsaiSoil -regular and shohin soil (fine) 5 gal bags. Call Lee (320-1257) to place a special order.

Pumice (as a planting medium). Randi has pumice in two sizes, 3/8 and 5/16. Both sizes are priced the same, a 79 pound bag is $93 otherwise the pumice is sold at $1.25 per pound. Contact her for orders. randiheise@yahoo.com

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