February 2018 Newsletter

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February 2018 Newsletter

Richmond Bonsai Society 2016 – 2018 Officers
President: Ron Edwards  Vice President: Jon Warkentin Treasurer: Jack Frye  Secretary: Thomas Sones
Board Members At Large: Betty Lou Lages

Regular Meetings, unless otherwise noted, are held the 4th Monday of every month at 7 pm in the Community Room at St. Mary’s Woods, 1257 Marywood Ln., Richmond VA, 23229.

Contact us at info@richmondbonsaisociety.org  or visit us at www.richmondbonsaisociety.org or on Facebook.

Bonsai information, common questions and answers, monthly growing advice, and bonsai links can be found on our website.

RBS 2018 dues are $25 per person or $30 per family, which includes PBA membership. Membership and registration for workshops and other events can now be made via our webpage.

In this issue…

Secretary’s Message by Thomas Sones

Well, the January meeting was a bust. St. Mary’s Woods contacted us that morning because the faculty had been quarantined and locked down due to the flu outbreak. Jack and I tried to find a convenient alternative location, but was unable to do so quickly enough, so the officers made the decision to cancel. As a result, Jim’s lecture and demonstration will be compressed into the 2 workshop dates. Please see below for details and registration information. Members must register for the workshop portions in advance. 

In other news, as you know, we finally got our online payment system running so now everyone can register and pay for memberships and workshop fees with a credit card or Paypal account via our web page. This will cut down on a lot of the Treasurer’s work, so we hope that everyone will use it. Also, we have started to prepare a slate of candidates for our May election. All 4 officers and the Board Member at Large are due for election for the next 2 year term. PLEASE consider throwing your name in the hat to help make our club a success.

On a personal note, I am really glad that this winter is turning out to be so very wet because I did not prepare my plants with much protection this year, bot I also have not had to worry about them drying out. Just a few more weeks or winter (according to that darn groundhog), and we will see how they did.

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Calendar of Bonsai Events:

Richmond Bonsai Society Events
Feb. 26         Regular Meeting: Stone Mountain Saikei Workshop Part 1
Mar. 3          Stone Mountain Saikei Workshop part 2 (1-4 pm)
Mar. 10        Beginner Workshop
Mar. 25        BYOT Workshops with Frank Mihalic (TBA)
Mar. 26        Regular Meeting: Frank Mihalic Demo
Apr. 23         Regular Meeting
Apr. 28         RBS at Maymont’s Herbs Galore & More
May 20         RBS Picnic and Auction. BYRD PARK

Other Organizations:
Feb. 24            CVBS Symposium
Feb. 10            NVBS Meeting
Mar. 10           NVBS Meeting
May 12-13       World Bonsai Day Celebration with guest Juan Andrade, National Arboretum
May 25-27       Brussel’s Bonsai Rendez-Vous
June 8-10       PBA Spring Bonsai Festival

PBA Study Groups at the Arboretum
The Potomac Bonsai Association (member through RBS) is planning 2018 study groups led by Owen Reich and Jack Sustic. If you are interested in taking advantage of one of these study groups, contact LeAnn Duling, PBA President, at ellaroo2@gmail.com.

Owen Reich’s Group A : April 7, May 26, July 7, September 22, and November 3
Owen Reich’s Group B: March 17, June 2, July 28, September 29, and November 17
Jack Sustic’s Group A: March 18, June 3, July 29, September 30, and November 18 
Jack Sustic’s Group B: March 17, June 2, July28, September 29, and November 17

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Recent Activity Reports

January Meeting Cancellation: Due to unforeseen circumstances, our January meeting was cancelled. Jim has agreed to combine what was three sessions into two. Please see below for details.

Upcoming Event Details

Feb. 26  Regular Meeting Stone Mountain Saikei Planting Workshop Part 1                                                with Jim Ford

In this first workshop, Jim will demonstrate and assist participants to select and cleave stone pieces for their conglomerate grouping, bond their stone groups with glue, clamps, tape, and shrink wrap. Cardboard templates will be made to assure that the stone groupings stay together and will fit the selected containers. Most materials will be provided, but member should bring wood clamps if available.

The fee for both parts of the workshop is $35.  Members must register in advance via our website or contact Thomas at info@richmondbonsaisociety.org. 

Examples below created by Jim.

JF2 jf3

Mar. 3  Special Meeting Stone Mountain Saikei Planting Workshop Part 2                                                with Jim Ford

In the second part of the workshop, Jim will give a general wiring demonstration, and then will demonstrate and assist participants with tree trimming, wiring, planting and landscaping. Trees will be distributed by lottery. Participants should bring their own tools basic bonsai tools to this workshop. Minimum tools required: small bonsai shears or scissors, wire tools cutter, and chopstick.

March 10 RBS Beginner Workshop

Come join the members of the Richmond Bonsai Society and learn about the art and science of growing and training bonsai trees.  You will learn how bonsai are developed, the types of trees suitable and you will create your own bonsai to take home and enjoy.  Plants and pots and other materials are provided.  Come, learn and have fun!!  (Price includes 2018 RBS membership, a $25 value)

Saturday, March 10, 2018, Starting promptly at 10:00 A.M. and ending by 12:30 P.M. Great Big Greenhouse, Huguenot Village Shopping Center, 2051 Huguenot Road, North Chesterfield, VA 23235-4305 .Workshop Fee is $35.00 paid in advance; only 30 seats available, so reserve yours today. Register at www.richmondbonsaisociety.org

RBS Members are asked to come and help workshop attendees and to help spread the word about the workshop to anyone that may be interested.

March 25-26 Workshops and Meeting with Frank Mihalic

Frank will conduct a series of workshops on Sunday, March 25th and will do a demo and lecture at our regular March meeting on the 26th. More info TBA.

Article: Red Rock Mountain Saikei Landscape By Jim Ford

This is a case study using young shimpaku junipers, wired into shapes that depict forest groups.

In Bonsai, this is called raft style, ground layering, or Ikadabuki in Japanese.  Commonly seen in nature, this occurs when a tree has been pushed over by water, wind or some other natural force and its limbs grow up and take on the appearance of individual trees. There are many forms of this style, so if interested, please search { Raft style bonsai or Ikadabuk } for further information.
jf1aThis Red Rock Saikei Landscape was inspired by the many limestone & sandstone outcroppings of the southwest. Created on a very warm Saturday, January 20th 2018.
The beautiful Korean pot measures 11 1/2” wide 8” deep and 1 5/8” tall and was acquired from Lee Abrahamson.
The branches of these young Shimpaku, used in this Saikei, were wired and positioned, so that they appear as a group of individual trees. The trees original trunks were planted so that they have continuous contact with the soil or are completely buried.  In this case, I simply manipulating the original trunks on and under the soil and moss so that they are inconspicuous in the final composition.
Below are two of the actual young Shimpaku i wired and used in the Red Rock Saikei landscape
In 1995 Hal Mahoney visited our club and did a fantastic demonstration of this raft technique. Inspired by his resulting forest Sakei, I set about to create several Saikei of my own, using the same Juniper material, Hal had used.  Japanese Garden Junipers, Proucmbens Nana. 
Below is a Development record of a forest Saikei that I created from 2 Nursery stock junipers.
Like The excellent article on “Photographing Bonsai” that Thomas posted in the January News Letter says “The important element here is to take pictures”.
Thank You, Jim


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Other Announcements and information

Donate a Book or Magazine: RBS maintains a lending library available to members. The lending selection includes many magazines, books, and some videos. If you have books or magazines that you no longer enjoy, please donate them to the club.

For sale:

Mixed Bonsai Soil -regular and shohin soil (fine) 5 gal bags. Call Lee (804-869-1257) to place a special order.

Pumice (as a planting medium). Randi has pumice in two sizes, 3/8 and 5/16. Both sizes are priced the same, a 79 pound bag is $93 otherwise the pumice is sold at $1.25 per pound. Contact her for orders. randiheise@yahoo.com

Notice: RBS mails printed newsletters upon request. We encourage members to update their member records and switch to electronic versions of the newsletter when possible. If you receive a printed version, but would prefer electronic, please inform the club secretary or reply to this mailing.

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